Reimagine watch design with Singer Track 1

We all know Singer from the amazing work they do on bespoke Porsche design. With their motto being ‘restored, reimagined, reborn’, they do some stunning work on Porsches from the late 80’s and early 90’s. Fully customising them with modern techniques yet leaving the great design intact. After 8 years of experience in the automotive industry they are now exploring the world of watchmaking. Using the same approach in the shape of perfection and collaboration they present the Singer Track 1.

Singer Track 1

Singer Reimagined was born in 2014 from an encounter between Rob Dickinson, founder of Singer Vehicle Design, and Marco Borraccino, a well-known watch designer. They had an instant connection over design and engineering. Form their own locations they riffed on cars, music, watches and a shared fascination with mechanical icons. pIn particular iconic and classic sport chronographs of the late 1960s and ‘70s. Soon the idea was born to reimagine high-watchmaking the Singer way.

Singer Track 1

Sketching a chronograph watch without the standard subdial layout, the need for a fitting movement was there. This brought them to the third partner in this watch project, master watch maker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht. Having spent close to 10 years on the creation of a new type of chronograph movement called the AgenGraphe.

Chronograph reimagined

Focussing on legibility the design of the classic chronograph has been completely overhauled. Featuring a centralised chronograph function which repositiones the time display to the outer side of the dial. Hours and minutes are displayed at 6 o’clock using a small indicator which floats over 2 rotating discs.This allows the chronograph function take centre-stage as it should in a sports watch.

While the seconds hand is sweeping, the jumping minute and hour indicators enhance the clear legibility and precision time reading. Stored energy is released with the help of a snail cam and feeler-spindle. When the chronograph is engaged, the constant rotation of the snail cam charges the minutes and hours cam, enabling the operation of the chronograph to remain constant. Thus avoiding varying forces which affect the amplitude of the movement which results in greater precision.

Singer Track 1

These snail cams, combined with the efficient application of tribologic principles, also allow for the resetting of the chronograph. Activating the reset pusher releases the brake on the seconds wheel and lifts the minutes and hours stars’ jumpers and their click wheels to enable the reset to zero. The feeler-spindles which are tensioned on the cams by springs, are then free to gently slip back to their zero resting position. This smart architecture avoids the violent reset shocks of traditional chronographs with heart-shaped cam systems.

Clutch mechanism

Connecting this innovative chronograph to the regular timekeeping movement, the AgenGraphe incorporates a newly designed clutch mechanism called the AgenClutch. This combines the best of the existing systems, horizontal and vertical clutches. Coupling of the chronograph is made horizontally, which requires less space. Unlike traditional horizontal clutches the connection is made by friction between wheels without teeth. This avoids the drawbacks of teeth meshing together causing the hands to sometimes vibrate.

To prevent the two smooth coupled discs from slipping, they are coated with a diamond nickel composite material. This material called Dianip increases frictional resistance. In addition, these work with long toothed security wheels designed to prevent the clutch from deindexing. A tulip shaped spring allows the clutch to function smoothly. It enables the two wheels of the clutch to be coupled in contact while providing active flexibility. In case of shock the tulip spring can move until it reaches the strongest part of the clutch lever and the security wheels will always be effective.

High tech covered by classic lines

Just as in their Singer Porsches, the high-tech engine of the Singer Track 1 is covered by clean and classic lines. The 45 mm titanium has a brushed finish and polished beveled edges. Pushers to function the chronograph have been placed like a traditional dashboard timers and stopwatches. Starting and stopping the chronograph is done by the right pusher at 2 o’clock. Resetting is on the opposite side at 10 o’clock. Setting the time is down with a small crown that has been conveniently placed  at 4 o’clock. Using a small crown greatly enhances the comfort as it prevents from sticking in your skin. Which is the main reason I started to wear watches on my right wrist.

Singer Track 1

Technical Specs Singer Track 1

Calibre: Singer Reimagined 6361
Dimensions: 34.40 x 7.18 mm
Parts: 477
Jewels: 67
Power reserve: 60 hours+
Frequency: 3Hz

Material: Grade 5 titanium
Diamensions: 43 x 15 mm
Crystal: Anti-reflective sapphire
Caseback: Screwed with sapphire crystal
Water resistance: 10ATM / 100 meter
Strap: Black calf leather with alligator lining
Buckle: Grade 5 titanium pin buckle

Price: 39.800 CHF + VAT and local taxes.


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